Wines by the Glass Standard Wine Preservation and Dispenser System

Standard Wine Preservation System Features

Nitrogen or Argon preservation - Save Money By Eliminating Wastage Due To Oxidisation

Oxidation of fine wines can be eliminated. The system preserves wines for at least 2 weeks and possibly up to 4 depending upon the type of wine being stored. Having sold the first glass the inherent fear of worrying about whether you can sell the rest of a bottle before it goes off becomes a thing of the past. You will now have weeks to sell the remainder not days.

3 Programmable pour volumes - Never Over-Pour A Glass Of Wine Again

By being able to set accurate measured pours on each bottle, it means that over-pours are eliminated and that all important profit stays in your till. Fully programmable portions means you determine the levels and eliminate the need to constantly monitor and train staff for accuracy.

Serve The Ideal Glass Of Wine Each And Every Time

Protecting the wine from oxygen is one part of equation but so is having it served at the right temperature. To be able to do this after 2, 3 or even 4-weeks will be appreciated by your customers without them even knowing. Red wines in particular tend to be served too warm and come across as ‘hot’ … the right temperature will showcase the wine perfectly and encourage by the glass sales.

Earn More From Selling Fine Wine By The Glass

The more expensive bottle of wine you sell by the glass, the more you can charge. By increasing your range – and your prices – you can maximize your profits from wine without having to increase your volume.

Increase Bottle Sales By Offering Tasters

The biggest “fear” a consumer has when buying a bottle of wine – especially a more expensive one than normal – is that they may not like it! By using one of the custom pour settings to offer them a “taster” you can eliminate that fear and let the customer buy with confidence.

Increase The Productivity Of Your Staff

The By The Glass® wine dispenser is so easy to use it makes their staff’s life so much easier. The system removes the headaches of measuring cups and over-pours, and replaces them with a fast and efficient way of serving customers, especially at the height of a busy service. The By The Glass® system has the provision to store a second bottle at exactly the correct temperature ready to replenish an empty one so the staff doesn’t need to go searching for a new one – it is already there! In addition, changing over the bottle is simple and takes a matter of seconds – extremely important in the middle of a busy service. It will take them longer to open a bottle than to change it.

Create New Marketing Opportunities

By constantly having a large selection of wines to sell buy the glass, this naturally creates an additional interest in the establishment. Our retailers use this “buzz” and promote the unique opportunity often via social media campaigns and newsletters to tell their customers about the new wines they have available and any special offers which they are running. A By The Glass® system also allows the establishment the opportunity to organize wine based events such as a wine tasting evenings or run private corporate events. One of the most common events are food and wine matching menus whereby customers get to experience a “taster” of a number of different wines – one for each course – during the event. Not only is the event itself a great attraction but their customers get to try a number of different wines they probably wouldn’t have tried any other time.

Clearly Show You Are Serious About Your Wine

By using a By The Glass® wine preservation system an on-trade establishment is making the statement that they care about the wines they serve by the glass as they are always served in perfect condition and at the ideal temperature each and every time.